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Dead Bunnies, An Introspective Series about Self Development

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Dead Bunnies, an Introspective series of Self Development is a collection of paintings that tell my story as an artist and as a woman. “Dead Bunnies” refer to my slow progression back into painting since taking a 13 year break after graduating college. I eased my way back into my passion for painting by doing commissions of people's pets. After failing miserably at a portrait of 2 pet bunnies, I took some time to reexamine my painting ethos. I no longer wanted to be just an artist on someone else’s demand, I wanted to create my own ideas again. I started to remember my younger self when I was in college and what motivated me. I stared at my paintings from 20 years ago, and I wanted to go back to that passion again. I started posing the question to myself, WHY NOT? Why not create paintings that tell my story? I have so many more life experiences than my younger, naive self. What would the 20 year old me think? Have I changed that much? This is not a midlife crisis, but rather finding my spark again. Throughout my adult life I have dedicated the majority of myself, my time to others. I have made many sacrifices for others by being an Army spouse, mother, and caregiver. This process of looking inward as an artist has given me that drive again. It has been a very liberating journey, and I am excited to move forward with this series. The 3 paintings that I have thus far are a progression from a previous piece I call "Blushing Bride." The series picks up from that previous painting as I fill in the gaps on what has happened since that “Blushing Bride” was on the precipice of a new adventure in her 23year old life. This series is about change, love, life, death, grief, happiness, and self discovery. Don’t worry, no bunnies were harmed in the process of creating.

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