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Works in Progress

A glimpse into the process. I am fortunate enough to have a large studio space where I can work on multiple pieces at the same time. 

Look like Betty.jpeg

Ziggy Stardust Sheep

36"x48" Acrylic on Canvas

I painted over this guy, and created "Legacy" instead. 


No more Ziggy Stardust Sheep

what remains

Lovers of  Valdaro

I started these two paintings at the same time. I love the story about these 6,000 year old skeletons found in San Giogio, Italy in 2007. The skeletons were found in what looked like an eternal embrace. I've paused on these projects for now, but I will finish them soon and potentially do more. 

Update: I will continue this idea onto a 48"x60" canvas and include it in my Dead Bunnies series. The title will be "What Remains." 

What Remains



Inspired by the "lovers of Valdaro"

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