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Hillarey Breedlove

I am an artist, a wife, a mother, and a daughter.

I have been a proud Army spouse for 20 years, and I married my high school sweet heart. I am originally from Knoxville Tennessee, but I haven't lived there in over 20 years. I graduated from University of Tennessee in 2003, with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art concentration in Painting and drawing with a minor in Art History. I have had to privilege to live and travel all around the world.

I enjoy loud music, great food, lots of wine, and spending quality time with my family. My favorite pass time is thinking or talking about food. Cooking is another creative outlet for me. 

I have a healthy collection of mushroom related artwork and trinkets in my home along with gnomes. I do not know my true hair color, but I usually go with blonde, because I feel like it suits me better. Sometimes I have pink hair too. 

My favorite color is anything that is bright and vibrant. I detest any muted color tones, like mauve or beige. 

My artwork is a direct reflection of who I am. I am currently working on paintings that tell my story and portray my experiences. My paintings are conversations about self identity, femininity, love, loss, grief, and fun exciting times. 

I'm a bright, happy person, who enjoys life and the people I share it with. 


HBDesigns Slinging Paint and Spilling Wine

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